Congratulations on your beautiful new diamond!

With it, you receive our Lifetime Diamond Warranty so you can rest assured your diamond will sparkle forever!

MB Diamond Guarantee

Guaranteed Quality

Your diamond has been carefully selected by our graduate gemologists in our Certified American Gem Society Lab. Our staff gemologists compare hundreds of diamonds based on the four C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight and select only the best quality diamonds.

Guaranteed Money Back

She’s going to say YES, but just in case, we do offer returns. To ensure your complete confidence and satisfaction, you may return your item for any reason within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund or credit. Custom designs are not returnable.

Guaranteed Trade-In

Think you’ll one day want a new diamond? We’ve got you covered! You may trade in your natural MB diamond at any time for a diamond of greater value! You will receive the full credit of your original purchase (excluding sales tax) toward another diamond of greater value.

Guaranteed Mounting

Your mounting is fully guaranteed against all production defects for 12 months from the day of purchase. Should a defect arise, simply return it to us with this certificate and we will repair or replace it with no charge to you.

Marcilla Bailey Lifetime Limited Warranty

Jewelry is delicate and requires regular maintenance to ensure its safety and sparkle for generations to come. If you buy your diamond at MB it’s guaranteed. Your sizing, cleaning, rhodium, and basic prong work are all free! This warranty is valid as long as:

  1. Your pieces are inspected and serviced by MB or any other AGS Jeweler at least every 6 months and the service date is recorded on this warranty.
  2. Your piece has not been subjected to an accident or abnormal wear.
  3. Repairs to the piece as needed or recommended by MB have been promptly made.


General Information

While diamonds are very durable, they are not indestructible. A sudden blow can chip or crack your diamond. We cannot be responsible should this accident occur. Your Lifetime Limited Warranty does not cover this, so we recommend insuring your diamond in case something happens to yours. The best policy covers accidental loss, damage, theft, and mysterious disappearance. Consult your insurance agent for proper coverage.

AGS Jewelers

You can ALWAYS send your MB jewelry to us for repair, but we recommend having cleanings and inspections done by your local AGS accredited jeweler. Shipping jewelry can be costly and risky and the safety of your rings is our top priority. Visit the AGS website to find the AGS jeweler nearest to you! Just make sure to have them fill out this form if they repair or inspect your rings!

The *FINE* Print

  • Your mounting is fully guaranteed against all production defects for 12 months from the day of purchase but is not covered under our MB Lifetime Limited Diamond Warranty.
  • If you choose to send your diamond to MB for repair, your sizing, cleaning, rhodium, and basic prong work are all free. MB will not pay for repairs, sizing, cleaning, or rhodium performed by another jeweler.
  • This warranty extends only to the original owner whose name appears on this certificate.
  • All requests under this warranty must be accompanied by this certificate.
  • Failure to record inspections and recommended repairs on this document will void this warranty.
  • Replacement parts such as heads and shanks are not free. After many years of wear, a ring may need a new head, a new shank, or possibly a new mounting.
  • Your center diamond is guaranteed against loss for 12 months if caused by a mounting defect. The maximum amount of any diamond guaranteed against loss within the 12 months will not exceed $20,000 purchase price. We highly recommend you insure your purchase, especially if it exceeds $20,000.
  • Trade-in value is equal to the price paid for the diamond(s) only. The value of the mounting, sales tax, and side-stones less than .25 carats each are excluded from the trade-in value. Special orders of a diamond MB would not ordinarily stock may be excluded from trade-in privileges (i.e. unusually low quality and/or unusual shapes such as a heart-shaped diamond).
  • This warranty is entirely void if showing erasures or alterations. This warranty is invalid should any jeweler other than those employed by Marcilla Bailey or other AGS Jeweler work on your ring.
  • There are no warranties, expressed or implied, written or oral, other than as set forth herein.