Love grows, so should your diamond!

We love guiding women through the upgrade journey and helping them create the ring of their dreams. If you’re ready to upgrade, contact us to get started today!

Marcilla Bailey Engagement Ring Upgrade

We are always thrilled to help couples with diamond upgrades! At Marcilla Bailey we work with couples who bought their diamond from us, as well as couples who bought their diamond elsewhere.

Often, couples choose to upgrade to celebrate their 10th, 20th, or 30th anniversary. Other clients opt for an upgrade after just a few years of marriage.

People choose to upgrade their ring for different reasons, but the reality is financial situations change and so do tastes. As women, we grow and evolve, and as we change, our jewelry preferences do too. There is no right or wrong time to upgrade, and there are several ways to go about it.

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MB Trade-In program

The first option is to take advantage of our MB Trade-In program. If you bought your diamond from Marcilla Bailey, you can trade-in your diamond at any time for a diamond of greater value! The full value of your original diamond will be credited toward your purchase of a new diamond. Often women will select a diamond in a different shape or size.

Trade Up